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Best Pressure Washing Services In Barnegat

Driveway washing Barnegat

Keeping your Barnegat property clean and attractive year-round doesn't have to be a struggle- when you've got the pressure washing experts at Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning at your disposal, it's easy to keep your property pristine! We help property owners maintain their homes and businesses without breaking a sweat.

Pressure washing is a great way to improve your curb appeal, sanitize your property of nasty pathogens and allergens, and protect the structural integrity of your buildings. However, it's not practical for every home or business owner to handle all their pressure washing on their own. Not everybody has the time, the training, or even the desire to do it. That's where we come in. We expertly clean homes and businesses to help people protect their property investments and be proud of what they own.

With an extensive catalog of both residential and commercial services from driveway washing to pressure washing your parking lot, we have something for everyone here in Barnegat. If you'd like a professional hand in pressure washing your home or business, just give us a call today.

Barnegat Loves Our Roof Cleaning Expertise

One of the home maintenance tasks most homeowners struggle to do on their own is roof cleaning, and it's no surprise why. Roofs can be easily damaged by a misplaced step or improper cleaning techniques, and most homeowners are justifiably wary of ascending the roofs of their homes– falls during roof or gutter maintenance account for thousands of serious injuries and deaths each year, and no roof is worth your life.

Barnegat homeowners will be relieved, then, to learn that they've got a local team ready to take on their dirty roofs. Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning employs trained and experienced roof cleaning technicians. With our high-grade cleaning equipment and detergents and our rigorous safety protocols, we carefully wash down roofs to protect them from harmful growths like algae, moss, and mold, removing stains and enhancing your roof's looks as well. A safe roof cleaning for your Barnegat home is just a phone call away.

Pressure Washing Excellence For Homes & Businesses In Barnegat

You know better than anyone that the climate in Barnegat can do a number on the outside of your house. You may have needed to give your house a good cleaning for a while but were afraid to do it. After all, you've probably heard all of those "DIY pressure washing gone wrong" stories. Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning is here to tell you that you don't need to take on the task of pressure washing by yourself. Our pros stand ready and willing to help you take care of restoring your home's unique shine!

The word "pressure" in pressure washing can also give people a bit of pause. It tends to conjure images of busted windows and stripped siding. Our pressure washing pros are trained to prevent those issues from day one. We use only as much pressure as is needed to thoroughly clean your home in Barnegat. Specialized equipment is used to keep the volume-to-pressure ratio low, and our environmentally friendly detergents and solutions are as kind to your lawn as they are to your siding!

About Barnegat, NJ

Barnegat is a historical township along the shores of Barnegat Bay, offering a myriad of antique stores, ice cream parlors, museums, and more to its residents and visitors. Barnegat embodies multiple wildlife refuges and historical trails, preserving the natural beauty of the area. It also boasts a unique boardwalk and public dock to use for fishing, launching boats, and other marine activities.

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