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Solar Panel Cleaning Helps You To Maximize Your Solar Cell Performance

Manahawkin solar panel cleaning

If you’re in the Manahawkin area and you have solar panels, then Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning has the expert solar panel cleaning service you need! We’ve been cleaning solar panels for years, and whether it’s at your residence or business, our pressure washing specialists can carefully clean your panels for a spotless shine!

Even if it rains often enough to shower off all the dust and dirt that gets caught on our solar panels, that's not enough to keep your solar panels clean and in good working condition. Rain doesn’t completely wash solar panels anyways, and even if we did have that much cloud coverage, we probably wouldn’t have so many solar panels in the first place! That’s why solar panel cleaning is recommended twice a year to do for ourselves what mother nature won’t.

If your solar panels get dirty, that can cause them to lose up to 40 percent of their efficiency. Dust and dirt can block the light rays, and when you add in bird droppings, you can have yourself a petri dish of bacteria instead of an electricity generator! Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning offers solar panel cleaning that will free your panels of all those unsightly substances, and we do it safely and thoroughly to ensure that your solar panels are operating at the capacity that they’re meant to!

Why Choose Our Team?

There are many pressure washing companies around the Manahawkin area, so you might be wondering why you should choose us! Here are just a few of the reasons you should trust Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning for your solar panel cleaning service:

  • We have the right equipment suitable for cleaning your solar panel’s glass, and that includes safety harnesses and ropes.
  • Solar panels require deionized water and a special brush system to clean appropriately. We use only the best attachments and methods available.
  • We are insured professional pressure washers, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your property.
  • Professional solar panel cleaning is often required to keep your solar panel warranties valid! A receipt from our services is all the proof you need.

So, don’t let your solar panels get sapped for the sun by having dirt and dust cover them up! Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning has solar panel cleaning expertise; you need to avoid low-producing panels and avoid the damage that can be done by an amateur cleaning.

We Provide Solar Panel Cleaning & More To Manahawkin

Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning is delighted to provide a wide range of pressure washing wisdom and know-how to all our neighbors and businesses in the Manahawkin area. Of course, that includes so much more than solar panel cleaning! Our roof cleaning service is second to none, so if your roof needs professional cleaning as much as your solar panels do, then look no further than Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning!

If there is anything in regard to pressure washing that you would like to discuss for your home or property, please give us a call. Our experts would be happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have, and we’re confident that you’ll love the quality of work we do. When it comes to pressure washing, the answer is Cleanrite Exterior Cleaning!

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